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How to save, without being a slave to coupons

Some people swear by them, but for the most part, I don’t bother with them. I am NOT a coupon queen. If I have them, and they are for products I use, than sure, I’ll save the 50 cents it promises, or get a half priced meal on the third Thursday of the month, but I’m not going out of my way to hunt them down. I’m not going to switch brands just because I have a coupon. I would much rather save money other ways. Buying second-hand, buying store brands, not eating out, and yes there will be “greening” things that come up that over the long haul will save you money (think front loading washing machines and cloth diapers). Coupons are not the only way to save money people!

Our current obsession on how to save money: buying second-hand.

This is nothing new. There are people out there that LIVE for the thrift store find and the garage sale find. There are those that hunt for specific collectibles (think Antiques Road Show, and my retro video game obsessed hubby), and then there is me. If we need something, yes need, not want, something, and it isn’t being purchased as a gift, it’s gonna be previously loved.

My kids’ jammies. If I’m buying them, they are second-hand. No one sees them, who cares if they are piling and faded.

Stuff for the house. We have a 10 month old little boy, and plan on many more kids. If I buy a table brand new, and he wrecks it, I’ll be pissed. If I buy a table that is already nicked and slightly beat up, than he can go to town with banging toys on it cuz it cost me next to nothing.

Clothing for me and the hubs. We aren’t trend setters. We don’t go out and buy an entire new wardrobe each season. I really haven’t changed shapes since I was 15 (yes, even after having a kid, hate me now if you want to), so we don’t see the need to buy clothes all the time. Yes, if the hubby needs to replace a pair of work pants, they will be new, and granted I won’t buy someone else’s shoes or underwear, but pretty much everything else is second-hand.

I mentioned in my first post that I have a BA in Environmental Studies, but that doesn’t mean I was always a tree hugger. And this second-hand shopping wasn’t always what the hubs and I did. But now we have a kid, a mortgage, and the possibility of only one income (fortunately by choice, not because I got laid off) we are being as smart with our money as we can. And heck, hitting the thrift stores in search of a treasure is fun as can be!

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