The crunchiest, most thrifty thing about me: cloth diapering

I’ve always known I was going to cloth diaper my children. I’ve said this for years, and for years people have called me crazy and tried to talk me out of it. People have listed off reasons, most of which are hilarious and completely inaccurate, as to why I shouldn’t do it. I’m not the type of person that does something just because it’s what everyone else does. Just because most people use disposable diapers, doesn’t mean that I’m going to. Is it easier using disposables? Maybe, but that wasn’t a good enough reason for me. The thought of throwing away all those diapers made me sick to my stomach (there’s the tree hugger I’ve grown to love), the thought of those chemicals on my child’s most sensitive areas broke my heart (and this was years before the whole “dry max” burning issues), the thought of spending thousands of dollars on something you toss after  an hour or two of use boggled my mind. I just can’t grasp the concept of them, they literally make no sense to me. Is this the way that disposable users look at cloth diapers…

Ok, let me just say that I don’t hold it against you if you use disposables. Other than my husband’s cousin, who lives on the other side of the country, I don’t know any people in real life that use cloth diapers. It was the right choice for us. I do wish more people used them, but I’ll still be your friend if you don’t.

It took me 4 months to research all the different types/styles and brands. Calculating what each option would cost, and what would fit our lifestyle the best. We settled on pre-folds for day use with a Thirsties cover and fleece liner. Night time I knew we would need more absorbent ones, so we went with Bum Genius double stuffed with on BG micro fleece and an additional hemp. Thank fully I did get heavier diapers because this kid of ours is a big night-time wetter. We even use cloth wipes, thick fleece Fuzzibunz ones for poops, and any old flannel wipes (I think we have 3 different brands) for just wet diapers. We’ve got enough (about 20 pre-folds, and 6 BGs) that I only have to wash every other day (1 short cold cycle with soap, than a full hot wash without soap). I do recommend a special laundry soap for cloth diapers. I started out using the Kirkland’s free and clear that we use on our clothes, but after a few months the diapers started to stink. Turns out we have VERY hard water, and the soap wasn’t rinsing, so now I only use Rockin Green Hard Rock formula.

My "stash", this was the newborn stuff, one additional order of larger stuff was made.

There have been a few times in my son’s life when he was in disposables. When he was first-born, he was too small for the diapers I had bought, so for about 2.5 weeks, he was in Huggies Pure and Natural diapers. And again, about a month ago he was sick for about a week. I won’t go into details on the illness, but he filled diapers like nothing I had ever seen before!

In total, we have spent about $850 Cdn on cloth diapers and accessories.  How much have you spent on disposables so far…

If you have a kid, do you use cloth? Do you wish you had? Or are you planning on using them in the future?

***I’m not here to recruit you to use cloth diapers. I’m not being paid by a company to promote their brand. I’m not getting anything out of this post, other than the satisfaction of sharing my cloth diaper knowledge with a few more people.***

  1. I admire your choice and committtment. We were raised with cloth diapers, but honestly, when my kids came along, I never even considered cloth. I was working full time then, and I think my decisions were guided mostly as a matter of convenience. Looking back now, if I had to do it over again, I would probably use cloth diapers with the exception of travelling. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront. There is another mom, I have run into on the Blog Frog who blogs specifically about this topic.
  2. Okay. So that last comment you got from a 10 year old boy, was not a hoax. That was actually me, Kim from www.confabulicious.com. My son has been on my computer all morning and did something to my settings, the little booger. Now he is at the water park and I am leaving comments all over the blogesphere as a 10 year old boy. So sorry, but it is actually pretty funny. Kim Bauer www.confabulicious.com
    • I was at first a little confused, but than saw your second comment. No worries, it tough when you have multiple users on one computer. I sometimes sign into my husbands stuff by mistake! Thanks for the comments!
  3. Hey Mo! Had you looked into G diapers at all? When the time comes for us to have a baby, I think that is what I will use, they have both cloth & disposable inserts. I plan on using cloth most of the time, and the disposable inserts when we are out & about. I'm curious what your thoughts are on this!! Cari
    • g diapers are great, super cute covers! I looked into every single brand out there, whenever it was slow at work I was looking at cloth diapers on line! We went with the pre-folds and covers b/c they are the absolute cheapest you can get. But they aren't the most user friendly (I make sure to leave the Bum Genius stuffed and ready to go for any Grandma or Auntie that babysits), and there was a bit of a learning curve in getting them on the kid, and when he is out growing a size it gets tricky. They are also pretty bulky compared to the other more modern cloth diapers. There are SO MANY great options out there, and having the option to use a disposable liner is great, but you can always just buy rolls of disposable liners, Kushies brand, at Sears, so don't let that be the deciding factor for the brand. Have you looked into any other brands? There are tons of different ones, and they all have different features that fit different life styles. I can't wait till you guys have kids! Ill talk you ear off about cloth diapers!!

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