Did I mention I can sew, and am crafty?

I have always been a creative person. I was a Girl Guide when I was younger, and that taught me to be resourceful and crafty. I would save up my $2 a week allowance and go to the local craft store and buy felt, and stickers, pom poms, and pipe cleaners, and then would spend hours each day making little trinkets. Even now, when my niece’s pull out the craft bin I get goosebumps, and probably more excited than they do. But being crafty when I was a child is different from ways I’m crafty and creative now. Back than, it was all for fun, and making, mostly, useless stuff. Now the idea is to be crafty and creative to save money. Reuse things instead of throwing them away, or just using my craftiness to make something we need instead of having to buy it.

I took old curtains from my mothers and cut them down to fit my front windows, my mother bought them on sale from Sears probably 15 years ago, and now I’m turning them into coverings for 4 windows!

These used to be floor length, and I’m going to use the leftovers for the basement windows

I had this cork board  in my room when I was a kid. It probably cost only about $10 brand new, even now they aren’t that expensive. But why buy another new one, when I can reuse this one! It has been a rainbow of colours over the years (the original brown is just so ugly) Now it hangs in my sewing/crafting room, so I painted it purple.

It’s been brown, it’s been black, it’s been blue. And now it’s purple!

Instead of buying expensive art for my son’s nursery and bathroom, I made some myself!

An inexpensive Ikea frame and a few minutes of drawing. You’ve got a frog in your tub!

And a frog getting ready for his bath

Animals walking two by two to the Ark

I also made the quilt, the bumper pads, and the drapes in the nursery. Also the dresser (not pictured) was my sister-in-laws, and the change table was my nephew’s. It was an inexpensive room to put together.

And, probably the item I’m most proud of, the upholstered headboard in our master bedroom:

Wasn’t a super thrifty project, but still MUCH cheaper than buying one

Upholstered   are very expensive to buy (except at Ikea, you can get one for just under $200, but I didn’t like the fabric options). It’s the foam that is so costly. You need good foam, otherwise it won’t last. I did get the fabric on sale, plus an additional 20% off because I am a member at the store. The cotton batting wasn’t too expensive, neither was the plywood or the brackets, but the foam was! In total, it cost about $180 for supplies, and took the hubby and I about an hour to make. And we LOVE it!

Have you done anything particularly crafty that you are proud of? And yes, macaroni necklaces from when you were 5 count!

  1. Very nice! You did an especially terrific job on the nursery and bathroom art. One of a kind...custom and made with love...that's what makes a home in my opinion. Thanks for sharing
    • thanks Karen! The ones for the nursery are paintings, and they took me for ever to finish, the bathroom ones are just some quick drawings in marker on computer paper. I love them all, and no one will have the same ones!
  2. So jealous that you can draw/paint. I'd love to be able to but have absolutely no talent. Last creative thing I did? That I did myself? Um... Let me get back to you on that one : )
    • just search "how to draw" and you can find step by step instructions on how to draw just about everything; its a great way to get started! Draw a couple animals in different shades of pinks and purples, stick them in coordinating frames, and I bet your niece would love them for her room!

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