Frugal ghouls

My little man was 3 weeks old last Halloween; we didn’t dress him up. Not even a Halloween sleeper, nothing! It was our first Halloween in our new home, we bought candy, and kept the light on the porch turned on. Maybe half a dozen kids knocked on our door. That’s what living in an almost finished subdivision of young families is like. This year should be better. All the houses are complete, and filled with families. There are even some older kids now, so I expect more knocks on our door. I hope our neighbours are expecting more knocks as well. At the very least, one more knock from us! This year, the cutest kid on the block will be knocking on doors, smiling and waving. He won’t be able to say “Trick or Treat” or “Happy Halloween” but he’ll win everyone over with his smile and big blue eyes.

I had assumed that our little guy would be something Star Wars related for his first Halloween (the hubs obsession, not mine). It’s going to be the theme of his 1st birthday party that same month, and he would make a super cute Ewok or Yoda. But when I asked the hubby what he thought the kid should be, his response blew my mind and warmed my heart. He suggested a cowboy. Why a cowboy? Because our child has an addiction to country music. This is of course, my fault, I’m a big fan myself, and tend to have it on in the house and car. But if anything other than CMT is on the TV, the kid will sit in front of the TV shake his little arms in his cute little dance move, and GLARE at you until you change the channel back to his country music. He loves it! He dances, he smiles, he demands it. He has his favourites; used to just be the ladies Carrie and Taylor, but now it’s certain songs. He recognizes those songs, drops his toys and races across the room to watch the video. He even dances in the car when those same songs come on. Smart eh?

So, it seems only natural that he be a cowboy for Halloween, right? A traditional cowboy, not a tight white tee, tight black jeans, and black cowboy hat a la Tim McGraw. Traditional: plaid shirt, brown vest with fringe, jeans, handkerchief tied around his neck, and if he’ll wear it, a cowboy hat. And of course, it’s going to be a frugal costume. NOT bought from a big box store. NOT rented from a party supply store. NOT bought off the internet. The fun of Halloween is just as much creating the costume, as it is wearing it. I bought a Gap plaid shirt second-hand yesterday ($5.50!) and he already has jeans that will fit him in a few months. The hat, I’m hoping to find at the dollar store. If not, I might have to pay more for it, but that’s fine, it will go in a bin of costumes/dress up clothes for later. The vest, I’m planning to make (hence the early blog post about this, trying to force myself to get it all done now before the craze of birthday planning gets in my way). Should be easy enough to make from some brown fabric, maybe felt? Either way, it’s going to be super cute, super frugal, and super creative.

Now the only question is, do I do the cheese-ball family costume for Trick or Treating? I wouldn’t mind dawning a plaid shirt and cowboy hat, not sure if I could get the hubby to…

  1. Maureen, Ryan wants Sam to be Yoda b/c we have this tiny lighted wand thing that looks like a light saber but is only larget than a pen. I think he'd like to dress up too and take his blue light saber with him trick or treating! We'll see. I really want to make his costume too and I don't know if I'm up to sewing a yoda!
    • that would be very cute! all you'd have to sew would be a brown robe, it would be pretty simple, and maybe make stuffed green ears on sewn a toque or head band. Im sure ill have to make a Yoda costume at some point in my life!

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