Even video games can be frugal

Video games are big round these parts. The hubby is HUGE into them, has been all his life. Everything from the current Xbox 360 games, to his original systems that he still has from when he was a child; all set up in our “Retro Video Game Basement”. Which is where the frugal part of this comes in, because a brand new Xbox 360 and the games that go with it, for the most part, are not cheap!

He always said that once we had a house, he wanted part of the basement to be a retro video game room, and he’s done it! We have an old TV, the TV unit that we used in our apartment, two worn out couches from his brothers’ family room, and a ridiculous amount of old games and consoles. There are even baskets full of old video game magazines, and posters from those mags on the walls. The only new items are two small book cases (they were $20 each) to house the collection of games. The basement is unfinished, complete with pink insulation and exposed concrete walls, lights that still have the pull chains to turn them on, and the hum from the AC/furnace. But that all adds to the charm. We’ve had friends over to enjoy it, and they LOVE it. So much so, that we are hosting a retro video game sleep over with a bunch of the hub’s university friends.

I might have to make these pillows !
I really hope someone shows up with this sleeping bag!

Yes an actual sleepover, like the ones you’d have as a kid.

I have mentioned in other posts about his obsession with searching for old video games. Sure, anyone can go onto Ebay and search out the specific game you are looking for, but it takes a really dedicated person to visit thrift stores 5 or 6 times a week, just in case a good game shows up. But hey, a hobby that gets him out looking, usually taking the kid with him, and only spending maybe $10 on 2 or 3 games, I’m OK with that. Better than buying every new Xbox game that comes out for $60! He now even has friends looking for games for him. They want to contribute to the basement collection, so a list has been circulated for the top games the hubby is still looking for. Again, the fun is in the hunt and getting a good deal, not paying $15 plus shipping off Ebay, just to complete the collection.

The Xbox still does get used, new games will arrive at birthdays and Christmas, and even the occasional one will be taken out from the library (have you checked out library? Ours has all kinds of video games FOR FREE!), or borrowed from my brother. Also, this weekend the hubby wanted to download the new Scott Pilgrim game (which is a really awesome 8 bit style game based on the movie/comics set in Toronto!). So off we went to The Real Canadian Superstore’s electronics department, to buy an Xbox Live points card. This is where we get brilliant with our frugality! We get the points card ($20) some groceries and a new shirt for myself (YAY!).We pay by redeeming our credit card points and get everything for $5! So the game was basically free! Once we get home, the hubby discovers that Scott Pilgrim is cheaper than he thought, leaving enough Xbox Live points to download a second game, so he searches for one for me! Sweetest man ever! He knows I enjoy a good puzzle game every now and then. Bust-a-Move for Sega Dreamcast was always top of my list, until this weekend. The hubby found Peggle (think Plinko meets pinball).

best. game. ever!

He had heard of it, I think, and knew a little about it, and it was one of the popular downloads, so he gave the free trial a go, and was totally hooked. Once I tried it, I was even more hooked. To the point that I ignored my child for much of Saturday afternoon while playing this game (keep in mind that Saturday is Daddy’s day anyway, I’m off duty for most of it), and than we stayed up late Saturday night, and again last night, playing 2 player. It’s awesome, the game is so much fun, the hubby and I get super competitive, we had a blast! Spending some quality time together, and it didn’t cost us anything, and he gets to share one of his favourite hobbies with me!

  1. I am completely in love with those pillows!!! Video fame sleepover is truly the best idea!!

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