Recent thrift store finds

This has been a good week for second-hand shopping for us, and it’s only Wednesday! I still plan on making my way out again, since this is when the snow suits are out. SNOW?! Yup, that four letter word we don’t like much around these parts. We all know it’s on its way, and I’m hoping that I can get a great snow suit and winter coat for the kid from the second-hand baby shop (was there earlier this week, but didn’t have much in his size, so I’ll have to check back soon!).

First up on second-hand finds, this guy:

Another froggy for the kids' bathroom! Only $1.99, and he's already enjoying his spot on the window sill!

Than, on another trip out I found this:

Gap infant fall/spring jacket $5.99, looks like it has never been worn!

And the big find of the week, was this:

One side of the pillow case is Zelda...
the other side, is Super Mario!

Ok, so that’s a pillow case. One side has Zelda, the other side is Super Mario. This will not be used as a pillow case, I’m going to take it apart at the seams and turn each side into a valance for the two small windows in the basement. They are going to be PERFECT in the retro video game basement, and they will be up before the big sleepover! I totally blew the hubby’s mind with this find and crafty idea!

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