I heart Fall

If you follow me on twitter, you may have read that I enjoy fall. I have all the windows in this house open, and it’s glorious! That clean crisp cool fall air that everyone loves. All I need is a cup of hot tea and a napping kid to really enjoy it! Fall is, by far, my favourite season. Living in Ontario, we have seasons, 4 of them! It blows my mind that places in the world, not even that far from me, don’t have 4 seasons. I would DIE without 4. Four different wardrobes :). Four different styles of living. Four different ways of subtly decorating my house! Yup, I’m one of those, thanks to my Mother, that just ever so slightly changes decorations to give a feel for that current season. Fresh flowers in the spring, woody stems and gourds for the fall, Christmas everything for the winter. OK, well, that’s just three. I guess I don’t really change anything from spring until fall. Sorry summer all you get is shut windows and cranked AC!

Since we have a new house, I didn’t really have any seasonal decorations, expect for Christmas stuff. So when we hosted our first

Nothing says spring more than tulips!

Easter Brunch this year, I knew I needed fresh cut tulips on my hall table, plastic Easter eggs in dishes in the kitchen, and pussy willows and spring branches in a vase on the china hutch. Sounds like a lot, but everything was very inexpensive, and everything, but the fresh cut tulips, are reusable for next year!

This weeks’ weather has finally been fall like for the entire week! No sudden burst of heat, not a lot of rain, just pure fall goodness. I’ve been eating it up! Taking the little guy for morning walks with a cozy sweatshirt on. Cups of tea in the evening with the windows open breathing in the crisp air, and decorating the house with all things autumn! Now, I don’t go crazy, remember, we are on a budget, and I think going overboard (except at Christmas) can get a little tacky. A few simple things to just bring in a touch of fall to our house. I switched out the spring twigs in the vase for some fall berries ($1.00 per stem), I filled a simple glass bowl with mini plastic gourds and pumpkins as a centre piece for the kitchen table ($1.00 per bag), I bought (normally I would make them myself) simple fall themed wreaths for the front doors ($2.00 each)…though, the only hangers I have, have jingle bells on them…some jingle ball removal is required before those go up later today…

I love these almost as much as fresh cut tulipsI also bought some ribbon to tie bows on the wreaths, just to personalize them a little more. So, for $10 I have subtly decorated this house for fall. And in a few weeks, we’ll hit the pumpkin patch and pick up a few for the front steps, just in time for Halloween…now if I can just convince the hubby we need some fall mums for the front porch too, I’m sure I could find room in the budget!

  1. I will disagree with you on over doing Christmas decorations - I'm loving the fall weather too. I can't wait to have a house for all the decorating :)
  2. I also heart fall. I was just going for a walk with my daughter and we were discussing how much we love having four seasons to enjoy. It would be so hard to not see rain, or snow, or beautiful leaves, or spring flowers. I know many dislike the snow, but I truly enjoy it (except the driving part). I am so excited for Christmas too!!
  3. Fall is wonderful and a season I love decorating for too!

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