Frugal Tip Tuesday

Frugal Tip Tuesday – jammies without grippies

I’ve noticed that a lot of the infant sleepers I find on sale at children’s stores, are the ones without the little rubber grippies on the bottom of the feet. This would always drive me nuts when I would go to put the kid in it, only to realize I didn’t check for the grippies first.  So I had to come up with a solution, since he has lots like this, and I can’t afford to have him falling all over the kitchen. I first thought of cutting the feet off, and hemming them. This seemed like a great idea, a bit of work though, and I thought if he was ever to go outside in them (morning walks, or late nights at Grandma’s) that he would than need socks. LIGHT BULB! Just put socks OVER the sleeper feet. All his socks have the grippies on them anyways:

Plus, its super cute!

This would also work if you have sleepers without feet, and maybe they are a little short in the legs, hide it with socks!

  1. Can we just stop and talk about how cute his feet are? Adorbs.

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