It’s time for a rant: Wasting money 101

There are a lot of products out there marketed towards busy families. Both parents works, all the kids play different sports and have different lessons. There is no possible way that they will have time to clean properly, do laundry, or prepare meals. I’m not talking about products that actually make life easier, that do make sense, and I have probably used in my life time. I’m talking about products that are so outrageous, they make me so mad whenever I see the commercials on TV, or worse, the actual product in stores. These are my top two:

This ugly thing is a dryer bar. Is it really that hard to put a dryer sheet in with your clothing? The commercial even states how much time you are going to save. Oh, about 30 seconds per load? How long does it take to turn, grab a dryer sheet/ball, and turn back and place it in the dryer with the clothes?! Granted, it is easy to forget, but when the dryer shuts off and everything is stuck together, toss in a sheet than and turn it back on for 5 minutes. Plus, it wouldn’t work for anyone who has a young child, or uses cloth diapers, since you aren’t supposed to use fabric softener on these.

This might be the worst of all time. Disposable hand towels for your home bathroom. SERIOUSLY?! And the commercial shows a disgusting cloth hand towel that looks like it’s been dragged through the mud. How about you teach your family to wash their hands properly! Clean hands shouldn’t leave dirt all over the towel. We aren’t perfect, we buy paper towels, though we try to use a cloth as often as possible. But come on! I also noticed that this product was marketed during the cold/flu season. If you wash your hands thoroughly and then wash the towel every now and then, I think you’ll be fine.

Other honourable mentions:

Pre-cut individually wrapped cheese: Is it that hard to slice a brick of cheese and place in a plastic container? You’ve gone to the effort of packing the lunch, but it’s too much to slice cheese? I have no idea what these cost, but I assume it is significantly more than just buying a brick of cheese.

3-in-1 laundry sheets: laundry soap, fabric softener, and anti static all in one! Again, how hard is it to dump soap in a machine, and toss a sheet into the next one. And if you say it’s great that you don’t have to measure the soap, you always get the same amount, what if you have hard or soft water? Hard water needs less soap, and soft water needs more.

At home coffee systems: Do you really need a different flavoured coffee or tea every day? Do you really only make one cup at a time? I don’t get these! Sure, when I worked in an office, there was a coffee machine, you got to choose you flavour. And yes, I do enjoy a treat from Starbucks every now and then, but everyday? And these are soooooooooooo expensive, not just the machines themselves, but the refill packets. And so much waste!

OK, enough of my rant.

I’m sure there are other useless products out there. Have you tried any? Or have you used any of the ones I’ve mentioned, and like them?

  1. I am with you on the dryer sheets. I've seen ads for them and really don't understand why it's necessary - I can honestly say I've never forgot a dryer sheet. I am guilty of using pre-sliced cheese. I have to have swiss cheese on my sandwiches and in the morning when I'm making my lunch I am a basket case. Having to grab a brick of cheese, unwrap it and cut perfect slices honestly seems like an hour of work to me. Plus, I try and monitor my calories, protein, etc so I like how I know what exactly is in each slice :) 12 slices of Swiss Sargento cheese is $3.50 here. I may take your advice though and cut my own slices and keep them in the fridge :)
    • The concept of the product isn't that bad, the commercial just drives me nuts. It just goes on and on about how much time you'll save, which is just riduclous! Buying the pre-sliced deli style packs of cheese are different. We have bought those before (though it is still way cheaper to buy the brick), and yes the swiss cheese is good, nice and thin, perfect for sandwiches! The ones I was talking about are the individually wrapped slices, that are meant to be tossed in a lunch as a snack. And they are just regular cheddar or mozzarella. I just don't get it, mind you, we don't buy too many individually wrapped things, cuz it drives me nuts, just seems so wasteful. I cringe every time I open a granola bar (I should just make them myself!)
  2. I am totally with you on the disposable hand towels. Just saw that commercial the other day, and thought "what the...?" What happened to saving trees, and reducing waste? Is it really easier to wipe and throw out than it is to wash a towel every few days? Utterly ridulous.
  3. I totally get this post, but I actually love the disposable handtowels in the bathroom idea. It's probably because I have a child care in my home and seeing 7 little boys use the same handtowel over and over grosses me out, lol. My house must be where they got the handtowel in the commercial :)

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