Playing catchup!

Playing catchup!

This past week should have been busy, instead everything came to a screeching halt; we all got sick. Thankfully the hubby and little guy only got some sniffles and a cough. Me on the other hand; it hit me like an 18 wheeler! And I’m still recovering sick! Nothing frugal really happened, meals were planned, but that went out the window once I didn’t have the strength to hold a glass of water. No party planning happened, no fence building happened. Nothing productive occurred until Saturday. Saturday I freaked out! Suddenly it was 2 weeks until the party, and I had wasted an entire week being sick. I had a list a mile long of stuff that should have been done! The hubby got working on the fence, and I made the pinata while the soon to be birthday boy napped. I managed to get out and pick up an outfit (3 pieces on clearance for $ 11 CDN!) for the little guy, part of his birthday present. I even stumbled upon some party cups and napkins on clearance for 54 cents each! I know, this isn’t very “green” of me. Normally we use our own dishes and glasses when we have people over, but there are going to be a lot of people at this party, and we don’t own enough stuff for everyone! So I figured, if I was going to buy paper cups and napkins, they might as well be the cheapest ones I can find! 54 cents for 8 cups or 20 napkins, that’s pretty cheap! The forks I will be buying are going to cost a little more, because they will be made from corn starch, not plastic!

So, back to that pinata. SO MUCH FUN! I had a blast making it. Well, it’s not finished, it still needs to be filled and painted. I had forgotten how much fun paper mache was, and how simple it is. Flour and water? Shredded newspaper and tissue paper? balloon and string? I had all those things, so this was a free project. Doesn’t get more frugal than that! And it will be filled with candy; Halloween candy! Super cheap, and the kiddies will love it! Why would you ever buy one from a store?! I’ll post a picture later in the week, plus instructions, once it is finished! Hopefully it will look something like this:

yup, that's a Death Star! Hello Star Wars themed party, with a "Destroy the Death Star" pinata!

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