Free stuff! For me! Sorry, not a giveaway. I just thought I would brag about some free stuff I have recently received in the mail!

Last week, this came in the mail:

A full size All Bran bar. These things are yummy! So to get a free one in the mail was very exciting for me (I did sign up to receive this, it didn’t just happen to land in my mail box). You might be thinking “one free bar? so what?”. Well, where is YOUR free bar? I got it from All Bran, I’m not sure if they are still sending them out, but it wouldn’t hurt to check! Give them your info, and you get a bar!

It really is that simple. A lot of companies offer free samples on their websites, so look around! And even more, try emailing them. I’ve received very good coupons from companies just by emailing and saying I love their products (I will only do this for companies that I actually am a fan of, and will actually use the coupon)

Today, this arrived in the mail:YIPPEE! More free stuff! This one is even more exciting. I was expecting tiny little foil packets of products, instead of got these:

Full travel size samples! Of useful products! This is the P&G brandSAMPLER. It’s awesome. You go here and you get to PICK WHAT YOU WANT! Brilliant! At first, I wasn’t going to do this, because I thought it was going to be nothing but Tide and Febreze samples (WHICH I DON’T USE!) But you get to pick what you want, even down to the type of Pantene shampoo, and they are little travel size bottles. Save them for a trip, or keep them in the cupboard just in case you run out. They are still doing it, so go get yours!

Free stuff, is awesome stuff!

  1. love the brand sampler pack this time around! that secret spray stuff is soooo good!

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