The big One

So many mixed emotions. Where do I even begin? He’s one. My not so little, adorable blue-eyed, hilarious little prankster, is one. My heart melts just thinking about the past year with my precious baby, it also sings with joy that the first year, a very hard year, is now over. I now have a little guy that plays tricks on us (clearly already smarter than his parents), would rather make up his own game to play than play whatever we try to get him to, and finally loves a good cuddle (as a baby, he didn’t like being held). He is already much cooler, and funnier than we will ever be; truly the most awesome kid I have ever met. I cannot wait for this next phase of his life; what this next year will bring, it excites every inch of me just thinking about all the new discoveries and adventures he will have.

Ok, enough of all the mushy stuff, on to the big party! The big FRUGAL party!

I’m pretty crafty, so I made sure to put that to good use for this big event. I made as much as I could myself, tried to buy most things on sale, and got help from family when offered. In total, I’d say we spent about $100 on everything for this party, that includes food and beer! It doesn’t, however, include the cake, which was lovingly made by my sister-in-law.  So here is the run down of what went on this past weekend:


Real birthday prep started with these bad boys: Star Wars sugar cookies



my sister-in-law and I started making them around 2pm



they were finally finished just before 11pm



5 dozen perfectly iced cookies, made the week before, and they stayed delicious and soft!



all wrapped and ready for all our guests to take home



the cake. R2 D2, with a working light. It was over 2 feet tall, and was completely edible (we still have tons left if you're hungry!)



The Death Star pinata, which you've seen here. It worked out perfectly! Each kid got a few turns before it was destroyed



some of the decorations that we had up in the kitchen; streamers with Star Wars character cutouts, birthday banner, and some of his own toys in the shelves!


In the craziness that was the last hour before the party started, I forgot to take pictures of the front table, covered in streamers, with the loot bags and thank you cookies. I also didn’t get a picture of the backyard with the pin the light saber on Yoda game. Not that any of that really matters, because everyone had a great time; the kids loved the games; everyone was blown away by the ridiculousness that was that cake; and my little boy shared his first birthday with tons of family and close friends.

  1. Twas a party well planned - great job!

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