The best kind of entertainment

The cheaper the better when it comes to entertainment, right? Well, around here that’s how we roll, but it has to be quality stuff too. Like this weekend, there is no hockey game on Saturday night, so I mentioned renting a movie (instead of going out to one), and then the hubby suggested watching a Blu Ray that I bought him last January, that we haven’t watched yet. Date night is free this week!

Tonight though, we had the best free entertainment. My husband had books to return to the library (FREE!) and wanted to pick up a few more (and a FREE video game!) so the kid and I tagged along. He fell asleep on the drive over, so I just carried him in instead of getting the stroller out. He woke up, on the walk in, so while we waited for the hubby to pick out his graphic novels and video games, we walked around a little. And I do me we. This little guy has taken a few steps from things to my arms, but not much actual walking yet. But I have been working on it, and tonight he walked around the library only holding onto one of my hands. He stopped to wave at everyone, and the occasional bookshelf too. My heart melted with each little step he took. Once we got home, he all of a sudden stood and walked right across the room! Sort of towards me, but I wasn’t even really looking at him, let alone holding my arms out in encouragement. I squealed and grabbed him before we could find out where he was going. It was all so exciting. Watching someone take their first steps; truly mind-blowing. The best free entertainment of all!

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