I have a creative itch that needs a good scratch

I like LOVE being creative. And in the past few weeks I was able to get some crafty energy out by making some things for my little guys’ first birthday party. And now, I feel like I need to keep going with being creative. So with Christmas around the corner, I think I should start on some crafty Christmas stuff. I think I am going to have to redo the wreaths I made last year; the picks I bought were “indoor”, and thus did not survive our harsh Canadian winter. I should probably check some things off my lengthy to-do creative list first (curtains, and cork boards, and a million other sewing projects…), but whatever; Christmas here we come!

My mom bought a copy of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas magazine, it is full of cute little crafty Christmas stuff, and I fell in love with so many of their ornaments. Cute little hand painted felt birds, ribbon ornaments with vintage buttons! There is also a gorgeous felt poinsettia wreath that I think I might just have to make! It’s a total crafty Christmas overload, and I’m in heaven! But than I get sad, thinking about the sewing patterns I have upstairs, waiting for attention. The patterns I bought last year? nope, the year before! I have two fun ones with  really nice tree skirts and matching ornaments, which I have used, making a few of the no sew ornaments (Simplicity 2545 and Simplicity 2532). I even bought a vintage pattern off eBay, and promised the hubby I would have our very own stuffed felt manager (just like his mom made) ready to go for when we have kids…well, last year I couldn’t get sewing done with my big pregnant belly and then a newborn to take care of, and this year, I really have no excuse! So maybe that project should get underway first, I mean, look at it: My little guy NEEDS to play with this at Christmas! Maybe, if I can get one piece made each week, it will be done by Christmas? I don’t even think there are that many weeks left, two a week it is! I can always make the ornaments in the evenings, which is what I’ve done the past few years. While the hubby watches hockey, I sit and make Christmas ornaments. It is just so festive!

No matter what I decide, new Christmas decorations will be coming into this house this year.They will be hand-made, creative, frugal, and toddler friendly!

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