Steppin Out Saturday – managed a frugal night out on the town!

I thought I would join in again on Mandy’s Steppin’ Out Saturday. My picture this week is actually from this past Thursday (Mandy says the picture doesn’t have to be from Saturday). My sister-in-law won hockey tickets at her work; they did a raffle for 3 tickets in the Gold section, only 20 rows back, and it’s a pretty small office. The hubby and I almost didn’t believe she won, because I mean, who actually gets to attend a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game? Other than millionaires. In case you aren’t from Ontario, or aren’t a hockey fan, you may not know how ridiculously over priced Leafs tickets are. Even when they suck (which is pretty much the last 40 years) every game is sold out. It is next to impossible to get your hands on tickets, even if you are willing to pay a small fortune for them. The hubby had been to games when he was younger, the last game we went to was a preseason game, and before that we went but had “obstructed view” seats, so we couldn’t even see one net. Yup, that’s how they roll in Toronto when they build arenas. Not every seat can see the entire playing surface! I did get him second row tickets a few years back, but we had to drive all the way to Pittsburgh for that game…


Hat – Hurley (Winners, for $10)

Hoodie – Aeropostale (birthday present)

Jersey – LEAFS! (42 Wellwood!) (Christmas gift from hubby)

Vest – Gap (Christmas gift from Grandmother)

What you can’t see, Old Navy skinny jeans (clearance rack) with Nike knitted boots (Christmas gift from my mom)

So, the Leafs lost that night, first loss in regulation time of this season, but it was still awesome to sit that close at the ACC. And, it turned out to be a totally frugal evening. Parking was only $6.50, we had street meat before the game which was $5, and the tickets were free!



  1. I love that hat! You look cute and warm! Although I am kinda freaked by the term 'street meat'
    • Thanks! I was warm until we had to walk to the car! There was a chance of snow that night, and today? today its going to feel like summer! Go figure. "street meat", not the best name, but delicious! Just the usual hot dogs/sausages/veggies dogs.

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