Steppin’ Out Saturday – not a Halloween edition

So I figured, this week most link ups will be up tomorrow, and be pictures of their kiddos in super cute costumes, possibly with them dressed up too. Don’t get me wrong, we will be doing that, and yes my guy and I have some what matching costumes. But that will be its own post, about how I attempted to be frugal, and kinda failed.

This week, I actually looked cute on Saturday, and took my own picture. I was going to my niece’s 5th birthday party. Often when I wear some what trendy clothes, and I see my 7 and now 5-year-old nieces, they are usually dressed in similar clothes. I even go as far to stop and think “do they own something like this?” when buying clothes and getting dressed to go and see them. They are just too trendy and cool for their own good. Matching outfits from grey tights and skirts, to cardigans with ruffles down the front, and jokes about sharing shoes (the 7-year-old, she wants my pink Chuck Taylors, I want her black boots). It’s been going on for years, and is now a running joke! Made worse by the fact that the 7-year-old is on the tall side for her age, and I’m on the short side of everything. Yup, the joke is that I could share clothes with her. With a child 20 years younger than me. But hey, she has a great wardrobe.

Luckily today’s outfit wasn’t matching anything that the girls were wearing at the party. And really, that’s only because it was a Princess party and they were all in Disney Princess dresses!

Top: Joe Fresh ($24, cashed in PC points, cost me $4!)

Jeans: Old Navy Skinny jeans (same as last week)

I wore my pink Chuck Taylor high tops(bought on sale in the kids section at Sears!) and Gap navy blue trench (which I’ve had for years, and bought on clearance in the off-season) once I was heading outside.

  1. I'd love to do Steppin' Out Saturday for my blog? Can I borrower your idea? (Mine probably won't be frugal though since I'm a spendthrift)
    • It's not my idea, Mandy over at www.harpershappenings.com does it, its a blog link up each weekend. It's fun to see what everyone wears, and you always have cute outfits, so you totally should join in!

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