An attempt at a frugal Halloween

This year we decided to take our little guy Trick of Treating for the first time. Last year we didn’t bother dressing him up even for pictures. He was only a couple of weeks old, and I was too busy getting ready for his Baptism and recovering from giving birth to throw Halloween in there too.

Since this kid loves country music so much, we dressed him up as a cowboy. My original plan was this:

  • buy remnant fabric and make a vest
  • buy a hat and gun holster from the dollar store
  • borrow a handkerchief from my mom
  • buy a plaid shirt second-hand
  • make a trick or treat bag from remnant fabric

This was the plan, I set it out months ago, but here is what actually happened:

  • I couldn’t find brown fabric that was super cheap to make the vest
  • I couldn’t find a child’s size cowboy hat in any store (without it being attached to a costume)
  • I did find a plaid shirt (for $5.50) which he did wear
  • I ended up buying a “dress up” cowboy costume from Toys R Us (in the role play section, not the Halloween section) and I bought it on sale for $15 (it came with a vest, chaps, handkerchief and hat, plus lots of fun little accessories he can play with when he is older)
  • I did make a trick or treat bag out of scrap fabric I had (free!)

So for a little over $20, my little guy was the cutest cowboy in town! The costume can be worn again. The chaps were really big, so I pinned them in the back to keep them up, and I lightly hemmed them in length, which can easily be undone for a taller kid.

The full costume, complete with snow pants on under the chaps. He also needed his winter coat over top, a toque under the cowboy hat, and winter boots!I attached a piece of yarn to the hat so that it wouldn’t blow away. I also made a giant belt buckle with his initials on it (out of cardboard and tin foil) that I now can’t find…

His “boo bag”. Made from 1/2 metre of scrap fabric I had lying around, and the ghosts are made from scraps of white felt I had leftover from the nativity I’m making. Silver elastic for the drawstring, also leftover from the nativity.

Here we are ringing our first doorbell. He was so excited!!

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