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I’m in a thrifting kind of mood

One of my favourite bloggers, Mandy over at Harper’s Happenings, just opened a Big Cartel store called Opal. It is the cutest little shop, with the cutest little finds. Mandy has a knack of finding gorgeous clothes for ladies and kiddos, as well as super awesome housewares in her local thrift and vintage shops. So why not open your own store and sell the goodies? I say “heck yes!”. Only problem, she lives in the Pacific North West, of the good ol’ US of A. I’m on the other side, and in another country! AM I dying over the cute little sweaters and milk glass dishes? YES! Would I be willing to pay a small fortune in international shipping for said $8 item, probably not. We are on a very tight budget, but a girl still needs to shop and fill her house with cute crap. Good news is we have some pretty awesome thrift stores here in the suburbs, and I am always seeing fun stuff, but never buy any of it. This house has too many blank white walls, and after a year and a half, I think I’m going to finally do something about it.Now that it’s getting cold outside, painting said white walls is gonna have to wait for the spring. We already have family pictures up on the walls, but no real decorative stuff; nothing sitting on a shelf just because it is cute and looks nice.

So I made a list, yup I make lists for everything, of each space in the house that needs a little something, and then a note of an idea of what I’m looking for. Lucky for me, the hubby is a big fan of wandering thrift stores for hours in search of video game stuff, so I feel that tonight might be a good time to make our rounds of the local shops. He was smart and put his thrifting on a budget, otherwise he would buy every.single.game he found. I think I’m going to have to put myself on a budget as well. But that’s probably the best part about thrifting, even a $10 monthly budget can get you 2 or 3 cute things. And with Christmas coming up, I think I’ll add floating shelves to my list, so I have a place to display my finds.

I also have stuff boxed up in the basement, just waiting to see the sun again and be on display. Some vintage framed flowers, and some canvases with flowers that I painted myself. I’ve been dying to put these up, I just haven’t found the perfect spot yet. Of course, I can see me buying stuff and then it sitting in the corner of my sewing room, with all my other unfinished projects….maybe I should cross something else off my list before taking on something new? That doesn’t sound like me at all! And really, instead of writing this post, I should be working on the stuffed felt nativity that I started making (20 days till the Season of Advent starts), and am having trouble finishing during nap time, because well, making tiny little stuffed felt figures is kinda tedious. But they will get done; they are just so darling that I have to finish!

  1. Thrift stores would be a great place to find decorative pieces. When we get our house I plan to scour them for some vintage finds, I'm particularly interested in finding an old clock to sit on a shelf haha. I say screw the to-do list & go for it, even if you don't buy anything it sounds like fun!
  2. I don't frequent the thrift stores, BUT everything else in this post could have been written by me! Man, I need to find time to blog!

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