Frugal Tip Tuesday

Frugal Tip Tuesday – beating the Lysol No-Touch hand soap system

Bars of soap are great for in the shower, or even your own private bathroom, but I’m not a fan of them in bathrooms where guests will be, or in the kitchen. And frankly, liquid soap in a pump is easier and faster to use. I’m not a fan of shelling out a ton of money on a matching bathroom set (trash can, soap pump, toothbrush holder etc) I have done this in the past, and the soap pump ALWAYS breaks. I’ve spent a few dollars on them, or a lot on them, and it is always the same result. So when we moved from the apartment (one bathroom) to our house (three bathrooms) I knew I would have to buy soap pumps. Instead of spending a lot of money on the fancy pumps and filling them up (because, yes, they are empty when you buy them) I bought the supposed-to-be-disposable soap pumps, pre filled! Sure they say Jergens or Soft Soap on them, but I don’t really mind that, and if it does bother you, just turn it around. I than buy liquid hand soap in the largest jug I can find, usually on sale.

When it comes to washing hands in the kitchen, we have always just used the dish soap that is already sitting by the sink. This has always bugged me, especially when you’ve just touched raw meat, and then have to pick up the bottle to get soap out. And than I have to stop and clean off the bacteria from the bottle? Forget that! Way to much work. So when I saw a commercial for the Lysol No-touch hand soap system, I knew I was going to buy one. Of course, you can buy motion hand soap dispensers, nice fancy looking ones, just like you can buy soap pumps, but they start around $20 and don’t come with soap. I bought the Lysol one for around $10 on sale, and it came with one cartridge of antibacterial soap. We don’t use antibacterial soap normally, but in the kitchen, when I’m washing raw chicken off my hands, and then going to feed my 13 month old, I want the antibacterial soap.

In typical multinational corporation fashion, Lysol designed the soap pump so that it has to use one of their soap cartridges. I knew there had to be a way of getting around this. Because of the intentional design, you simply cannot just refill the cartridge; but you can remove the cap. With a little effort, and the help of a butter knife, the hubby was able to pop the cap off the cartridge. It isn’t easy, but it is doable. Than you can refill it with whatever soap you want. This saves a ton of money, those little Lysol refills are really expensive. And it saves on packaging too! Buying it once and than refilling from a large jug of soap instead of buying the little cartridges over and over.

sidenote:  if you do buy this specific Lysol pump, it eats batteries like crazy so use rechargeable. Also, it gets really annoying when it is almost out of soap or the batteries are dying; its starts shooting soap out every 2 seconds! Thankfully, there is an off switch, but then no manual way to pump the soap…

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