Frugal Tip Tuesday

Frugal Tip Tuesday – use less paper towels

I’m not gonna lie; this one is tough for us. The hubby and I both agree we should use less paper towels: super expensive, and super bad on the environment. When we do buy them, it’s in bulk and on sale, this almost makes it worse, because we know we’ve got about 50 more rolls in the basement, so use as many as you’d like! And even buying the brands made from a percentage of recycled materials, and tossing them in the compost after they’ve been used; it still isn’t good enough.

For the price of a package of paper towels, you can buy a package of towels or cloths that can be reused. The energy and water used to wash those cloths over and over, is nothing compared to the energy used to make paper towels (I won’t even get into the environmental impact of cutting down the trees, bleaching the pulp, etc.). Is there extra cost involved in that one load of laundry a week? Technically yes, but these towels are tiny, so just throw them in with another load you were all ready going to do!  I keep a bucket in my laundry tub, so whenever I have a dirty towel or cloth, I just toss them in the bucket. Washing them is another story, sometimes damp and dirty cloths smell after sitting in a bucket for a week. A little vinegar in with the load seems to work well for us. Or I just toss them in with the cloth diapers, that way they are getting a cold wash and then a hot wash in my Rockin Green Soap. Fresh as a daisy! And ready for another week of messes.

  1. I know that reusable towels are both cheaper in the long-run and better for the environment, but I have to admit that there are times I really just want to use a paper towel! The best example is when I'm cleaning up something I really want to go directly into the trash and not into my washer (I have know how it is). I do make myself feel a little better by buying the kind that you can tear off in sections, though, instead of having to use an entire sheet each time. That makes the roll last a bit longer!
    • I agree, there are times that you need to use something disposable, if I didn't agree with that, we would never buy them. And yes, I love those rolls with the smaller sheets! Though, they can be more expensive, so I usually just rip the sheet in half and tuck the extra piece in the end of the roll.

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