Wasted time…

So instead of working on the stuffed felt nativity that I started a month ago (in hopes of actually getting it finished in time for Christmas), I started a new project. Smart eh? What kind of fool am I? I have limited crafting time during the day (kiddos nap time), and the evenings I’m too tired to sit and meticulously hand embroider faces on the dolls. So perfect, I’ll just take this $3 cork board that I found at a thrift store, prime and paint the frame, cover it in fabric and ribbon. It will take no time at all, and will be up in my kitchen before I know it. Wrong! It took me forever! I don’t know why it took so long, it really was a simple project. But about a week later (not working on it everyday…) it is finished. I showed it to the hubby last night, and he was very impressed. So much so that he thought it was art to be hung somewhere, and doesn’t want it to be used as a bulletin board. So now we don’t know what it should be, and where it should go. I had originally thought it would go on a wall in the kitchen, but it’s a small board, and looks kinda silly. I’m super frustrated over this. I wasted time making it, and now it looks great, but doesn’t have a home. I should have just left it till after the holidays and spent all that time on the Christmas stuff. But no sense in wallowing in this problem too long; I’ve got about 200 pieces of felt that need to be sewn and stuffed and magically turned into a nativity.

Here’s how I made the  cork board:

I found a plain brown cork board at the thrift store for $2.99 (I’ve been looking for one for months, they usually aren’t in good condition, so I don’t buy them). This one was perfect, however, it was only 15  x 9. And yes, those are some of  the felt pieces for the nativity, in the background.

What started out as a plain board, quickly became primed with Gesso (two coats), and then painted black (one coat, acrylic paint). This happened right away, so I figured things were moving right along. Than it took me forever to pick out a fabric. I spent over an hour in the fabric store, and then couldn’t make a final decision. I slept on it, and went back the next day. I picked out a nice green print with faded trees, the kitchen will eventually be painted a light sage green, so I wanted something that would work with that colour. I also knew that I had dark green satin ribbon to trim the edges with. Here’s the finished product:

I don’t own a glue gun (shocking, isn’t it. It’s on this years Christmas list), so I watered down some craft glue, and spread it out all over the cork, applying thicker glue at the edges. I let that dry completely before gluing down the green satin ribbon, and gluing down white thumb tacks in the corners. I love the finished product, and it cost less than $5 to make! Now, if we could only agree on where to hang it…

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