Nativity preview

Nativity preview

I know I have mentioned on here many times before about having a million projects and never finishing any of them. Well, I’m not finished all of it, but I have finished one doll. Joseph. He is done:

Would it be weird if I said I was in love? Yup, with a doll. I’m just so darn proud of him. I made him, like 100%! Embroidered his little eyes, curled yarn with steam for his beard and mustache, stuffed him with fibre-fill and navy beans (weighted so  he stands all on his own!), yarn wig sewn and glued on, and all sewn up, and should last a lifetime of little kids playing with him. I’m glad that I decided to make one completely once I had cut out the nearly 200 pieces of felt. I’m so excited to finish them all!



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