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Today was pretty perfect

Today has been a very perfect day, the kind of Saturday I live for. Hubby got up with the little guy, and I slept in till 8am (normally up at 6am!), woke to find the kiddo down for his morning nap, and the house was quiet. I sat and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee while watching the snow fall, and the hubby played video games. We discussed taking the kid out to play in the snow, if he ever woke up from his nap.  Two and half hours later, he was awake and looking for food. We sat and enjoyed some chocolate chip pancakes, and then bundled ourselves up for some fun in the backyard. At first the little guy wasn’t sure about walking in his new boots and snowsuit, but after a few minutes he went for it, taking a few careful steps at a time. There was even enough snow to pull him around in the sleigh, which he LOVED! The kid and I came inside, and the hubby stayed out to organize the garage. After lunch and while attempting to get the kid to nap, I somehow managed to hang two plates, a bulletin board and a shelf in the kitchen:

Bought these cute little bread plates from a thrift store for 69 cents each!

Finally! The redone bulletin board has a home! On the kitchen wall I had originally thought it would hang on, with the clock that was already there, and a shelf I found at a thrift store for $4. The initials we already had; they sat in front of the cake at our wedding.


Once the kid was down for an actual nap, the hubby called me out to show off his accomplishment of the day; A completely cleaned out and organized garage. What totally blew me away about this; he had my car in there too! I thought he was just making neater piles of all the crap in there, but it was all organized on the shelves, and tucked away neatly at the sides. And my car fit! Now I don’t have to worry about cleaning snow and ice off it, or risk the slippery front steps while carrying a toddler. I can sneak right out through the laundry room and into the car. SO SO SO HAPPY! The sneaky guy never mentioned this was his goal, so impressed!

Now all is quite, and we’re just waiting on dinner and hockey. The best Saturdays are the productive ones!

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