Nothing is better than free stuff

My original plan was to wait till the kiddo was in bed, and the hubby was relaxing on the couch watching the Leafs game, and venture out solo to try to get the best deals. But, we had an early dinner, and needed to kill time/distract the kid till bedtime. So off we went as a family to Shoppers Drug Mart to cash in some Optimum points. I didn’t have many, a mere 35 000, cashing in 30 000 of them. I don’t shop at Shoppers as much as I used to, I wasn’t sure if paying a little more for an item was worth getting the points, when I can get the same items cheaper elsewhere. I used to take advantage of their 50x the point days, stock up on sale items, but I haven’t done that in years. I think I might start again, now that I am willing to use some coupons. Combing coupons with sale prices and bonus points; very smart!

So with only $60 worth of free stuff to collect, I knew I had to be smart about what I was getting; go in with a plan and a list! I told the hubby ahead of time that we were buying “treat items”, and he was totally on board, though still hesitant about the entire thing (he was shocked when I handed the guy a stack of coupons on top of getting everything for free! Silly man.! It’s a good thing I’m in charge of the shopping!)

Here is what we picked up:

Simply foods regular chips  $0. 99 (on sale)

Heluva Good Dip                      $2.99

Lindt Petits chocolates         $4.63 (on sale)

InStyle magazine                     $5.99

Bath toy                                       $3.99 (stocking stuffer for the little guy)

Balea Shave gel (2)                  $2.50 each (on sale)

Hairbrush                                   $5.59 (on sale)

Gillette Venus razor               $9.99 (on sale + $2.00 off coupon!)

Fusion Proglide razor            $9.99 (on sale + $2.00 off coupon!)

Xbox game                                 $19.99 (stocking stuffer for the hubby)

Face scrub                                 $6.99 (on sale + $3.00 off coupon!)

Oral B toothbrushes              $5.29 ($1.00 off coupon!)

We were aiming for spending as close to $60 as possible, knowing the tax would be a lot (stupid HST! Ended up being $10.20!), but we ended up getting the game for the hubby and the froggy bath toys for the little guy.

Final bill  $83.63

Points cashed in 30000 (equal to $60)

I paid $23.63! I’m pretty proud of this. The hubby still can’t believe it, still thinks somehow we scammed the store! If you think I made out with a lot of stuff, you should check out Mrs. January! She managed over $1200 of stuff for a little over $100. AMAZING!

Now, I know I said that we were only buying “treats”; chocolates and a magazine for myself, chips and dip for both of us, the game for the hubby, and the toys for the little guy. Those are standard treats, yes? Well, around here, name brand razors, shave gel, toothbrushes, and face wash are also treats. Plus I needed a new hair brush, and they were on sale! Using coupons while stuff is on sale helped spread that $60 further, allowing me to buy those yummy little chocolates!

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