Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

The Christmas season is officially upon us! The advent season started on November 28th, and today is Saint Nicholas Day! Despite all the stores playing “holiday” music since December 1st, and the decorations for sale since November 1st (some stores were even before Halloween on this one!) we do not put up anything until Saint Nicholas day. Our tree doesn’t go up until Christmas Eve, and then stays up for the 12 days of Christmas. (Did you know the 12 days of Christmas are NOT the days leading up to Christmas, but start on Christmas and end on January 6th!) Yesterday I did put up the wreaths on the front door (since we got dumped on with snow, I thought having the fall wreaths up was a little silly, and since it was the eve of Saint Nicholas Day and we are well into the season of Advent, it is ok).

I decorate my own wreaths. 1. it’s cheaper than buying a pre-done up wreath 2. no one will have the same wreath as me! Now, the cheaper part, it’s cheaper than going to Michaels and paying $50 for their super fancy decorated by the floral specialist wreath. It’s not cheaper than buying a simple cheap wreath from Walmart. The wreaths themselves I got from my mother (we have double doors, and I only had one tiny wreath from our previous home), and the picks and ribbon I bought at Michaels last year when they were have a HUGE 75% off sale.

This was last years’ wreath. unfortunately, the picks that I bought on sale were indoor, and some of them didn’t survive the elements, even though our doors are far back on the porch. Because of this, I knew I would be redoing them again this year, so while I was at Michaels buying fall decor I noticed they had Christmas ribbon on sale!

The finished products! I like simple wreaths. Nothing too over the top. And yes, our Christmas decor colours are red, silver and blue. Not to be confused with the red white and blue of our patriotic neighbours to the south, or the Buffalo Bills (though the football team is the reason the hubby is ok with these colours….) I had also purchased some silver polka dot ribbon, but didn’t have enough for both wreaths. Hopefully these will survive the winter, and I cane use them as is next year!

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