Year: 2011

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Christmas: frugal or green? Can it be both…

The tree hugger in me cries a little seeing all that wrapping paper go to waste. But the frugal part of me knows it is the cheaper option. Can’t I have it both ways??!! The only really wasteful part of our Christmas is the wrapping paper. We re-use gift bags all year round, I re-use […]

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Spoiled rotten

I don’t want spoiled children. Ones that expect big gifts from everyone, don’t remember or care who they came from, and ask why there aren’t more gifts for them to open. Birthdays. Christmas. Whatever the gift giving/receiving occasion is, it’s hard to teach kids to be thankful and appreciate what they receive. It’s also hard […]

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Christmas baking: my famous fudge

Most people have a standard list of family favourites that get made every year, ones that are expected as it wouldn’t be Christmas without them. My mom always makes shortbread, Mrs. Claus’ mudpies (oatmeal/coconut/chocolate no bake macaroon type things YUM!) and butter tarts. I also always make mudpies, and I’ve tried my hand at traditional […]

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I never wanted to be a ballerina…

This: Ballet dancers are mean, well at least the ones in this DVD are. They stand there all calm, not sweating at all, and easily bend and move with such grace. I stand there awkwardly moving, barely bending, and sweating in places that I forgot could sweat. Some say chasing a toddler is enough exercise; […]

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