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New theme to restart my interest

Well, you might notice that I changed things up a little. I haven’t been into the blog lately, I blame the holidays and my adorable super active 15 month old. Plus, the theme on here, it was a little to cutesy. I thought a fresh, clean, modern look would help me get on here more; write-up a storm! The thing about the little man, it’s not that he keeps me super busy and I’m too exhausted to write. When he isn’t sleeping, or eating, I want to play with him. I want to soak up every ounce of this terrific age that he’s at. Where the littlest thing can be turned into a hilarious game, how he listens to everything I say and is even starting to respond with actual words, where we dance around the living room to the love of his life, Taylor Swift! So because I am constantly building block towers and crashing trucks in the wall, all the cleaning and laundry waits until nap time. Instead of writing during his naps, I’ve got house stuff to take care of. I’ll get back into a groove soon enough, now that the holidays are over, and we are back into a regular routine. I have a couple great posts in my draft folder, waiting to be finished up, so I hope you come back again later in the week to check them out! I’ve got another rant for you on couponing (did you watch the new TLC show “Extreme Couponing”?) and some pictures of my latest frugal finds from my local thrift stores.

  1. I look forward to your new posts :) Not a lot of people are able to blog over the holidays, so you're not alone.

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