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I’m back…sort of

Well that was one heck of a break! I didn’t check the date of my last post, but I know it was around the time I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, and thus began the zero energy, throwing up constantly, portion of my job as a baby maker. I didn’t think I was going to blog again, morning sickness sucks; it sucks more when you already have a child to take care of. The last thing on my mind was sitting down at this computer and typing out some thoughts on how to be frugal and creative. Well, I’m well into this pregnancy now, my toddler is absolute perfection most days, and I’m finding myself staying on top of house work etc enough that I have free time. WHAT? Free time? I didn’t think that would ever come back either. So why not make the most of this “free time” and start blogging again. You know, for the next few months until I am once again hit with something so overwhelmingly new that I once again find myself spinning and have no time to blog…So no promises on how many posts, when I will have time, and for how long. All I do know is right now, I have a desire to write again and share some awesome frugal stuff that we’ve been up to.

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