Things I Like about Me!

One of my favourite blogs, Dial m for Minky {moo} , has been tweeting about, and posting about C.Mom’s Things I like about Me post. What a better way to revive my blog than bragging about how great I am and how much I love myself, right?! Women need to encourage each other, and encourage ourselves. We need to be able to say what we are great at, what makes us so awesome, without automatically thinking “someone will think I am full of myself for writing this”. So here is my list, I encourage you to join in too! Or, at the very least, stop and think to yourself what you LOVE about being you!

1. I like that I know how to cook, and I really really enjoy it. I love cookbooks, I love trying new recipes, and I love preparing healthy exciting meals for my family.

2. I like that I know how to bake, and really really enjoy it! I used to take for granted that I knew how to bake. I can make everything from pies, to cookies, to cakes, to bread, all from scratch.

3. I like how tiny I am. This is something I didn’t always like about myself, mostly because I have been teased my entire life about my size (barely 5’2 and a 100lbs). I don’t mind getting the step stool out to reach the top shelf!

4. I like that I know how to grocery shop, with a toddler in tow, in 30 minutes and stay on budget while filling my cart with healthy whole foods for my growing family.

5. I like that I know how to sew and can, if I had the time, whip up a skirt or set of curtains in an afternoon.

6. I like that I know how to deal with my hair. Its coarse, frizzy, and a wavy mess. After nearly 28 years of life I have finally perfected styling it just right to battle all its’ issues.

7. I like that I had an un-medicated birth with my first son, and plan to do the same this time around. I don’t look down on those who had an epidural, but you know, I am so stinking proud of myself for not getting one!

8. I like that I married my high school sweetheart.

9. I like that I survived a 5 day field course while in University; no shower, only outhouses, living in a conservation area studying streams and trees. My family didn’t think I would make it 🙂

10. I like that I was a Girl Guide, and I hope if I have girls they too would want to join. I learned so much, it was such a great part of my childhood!

  1. So glad you linked up. Aren't you sitting taller, walking prouder, and smiling bigger now?? xo
  2. What a fantastic post! And the grocery shopping one? Go you!
  3. Wow, you didn't have an epidural? You go, Maureen! I'm glad you're back to blogging.
  4. Great post. Awesome!
  5. I am jealous of much of your list. especially being tiny, grocery shopping and especially knowing how to sew! I want to learn so bad! I'm glad you linked up, great list.

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