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Meal planning caused me to have a breakdown!

Oh goodness, another Monday is here. The last two weeks I have been in the “I’m going to be pregnant FOREVER!” phase. Last night, it hit me. For some reason the panic set in, that another week is approaching, and it’s going to fly by because it is a jam packed week, and so is the following week, and the week after that…until suddenly it’s the September long weekend, and this baby could really come at any time at that point! Really, it could come at any time now…The panic over not being ready for this second kid (big boy room will be done this coming weekend, making room in the nursery for newborn stuff), but more emotionally not ready. For some reason grocery shopping is getting me upset; one less shop with just me and my little guy. I love going grocery shopping with him; he points out everything in the store, he is always in a great mood, and flirts with all the cashiers. He even helps me put the groceries away, saving this pregnant lady from bending down to take stuff out of the bags! Shopping with him is easy right now. And we only have a few more of those easy shops left 🙁

Ok, enough of the drama. Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday: Pork tenderloin with rice and peas and salad

Tuesday: Eating out (YAY!)

Wednesday: BBQ sausages and salad

Thursday: Pizza pasta (the hubby requested calzones, but there is no way I’m turning on the oven for dinner in this heat! So this is my compromise)

Friday: Fresh veggie saute (loosely based on this Kraft recipe, but really, you don’t need a recipe) served over rice

Saturday: BBQ chicken and salad

I’m also going to make some granola bars from this recipe (again, as per the hubby’s request)

Hope everyone has a great week full of great food!

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  1. Hang in there. My boys are 4 & 5...1 year & 16 days apart.

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