Granola bar fail

I have no idea what went wrong. I have no idea how I would fix this recipe…

I attempted to make these granola bars. I trust allrecipes.com whole heartedly most of the time. If the recipe has good reviews, I usually skim through them to see if there are any tips, and then go for it; rarely does it fail me. This time. This time?! No idea what went wrong!

The flavour is awesome. The sweetened condensed milk, almonds, coconut. YUMMY! The cooking process? They never dried enough/hardened at all, yet the edges and bottom burned and stuck to the pan (yes I greased it, just like it said to). I’m not really complaining though, the remnant bits makes a really great granola…..just not in the bar form. Cook them at a lower temp for longer? Or just not cook them as long and let them set up as they cool?

Also, how frugal is it to make your own granola bars? I guess in this case it isn’t the frugal aspect as much as the healthier alternative to sugar and chemical loaded store bought bars. I love that I know exactly what went in them; no BHT like most granola bars have!

  1. I'd be willing to try these and see how they turn out for me but I can't use coconut. I might just add a bit more oats.
    • That would be great! and yes, let me know how it turns out for you. Use whatever you like in it, that's the great part about this recipe, you could use any dried fruit you'd like. I even left out the chocolate chips because I couldn't find mini ones at the grocery store!

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