Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday

Another week down! Another week closer to this baby arriving. It is seeming a lot more real now, as this past weekend the big boy bedroom was painted, and the bed was put together. He isn’t sleeping in there yet, but maybe by the end of the week? We still need a gate for the top of the stairs (just in case he figures out how to open doors…) and I would like to finish decorating it before he moves in. He is already very excited about it, so fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly.

Time to finish up my homemade iced chai latte (yummy, and frugal!), and then maybe clean up some toys…here is what our dinners looks like this week:

Monday: BBQ pork loin with pasta salad and garden salad

Tuesday: Chicken and broccoli stir fry over rice

Wednesday: Pizza and Caesar salad

Thursday: BBQ Pork chops with rice and peas and salad

Friday: Tuna casserole

Saturday: We’re having company over, so we will either have a big BBQ, or order in pizza

Sunday: we always have Sunday dinners at either my parents house or my husbands

I bought another basket of peaches this week. They are so perfect right now I can’t resist them! Hopefully I will be able to save a couple and whip up a cobbler of some kind.

Happy menu planning!

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