Beds are expensive!

Just like anything we do around here, we knew we had to stick to a budget. We knew we needed a quality bed for our little guy, little boys are rough and tumbling little things; I’m not buying some cheap piece of junk now, to turn around and find it broken in a year or two! But we also knew we weren’t going to drop $1000 on a bed either. The perfect compromise came from a local chain, that had bunk beds on sale one week (YAY sale price! and free delivery? even better!) Solid wood, on sale, much more sturdy than both my husband and I thought it would be, and a perfect solution to our 22 month old going into a big boy bed a little before we thought he would. Ideally, I want him settled in his new room before baby #2 arrives. That way he isn’t being kicked out, as much as he is getting an exciting new room, and this new little creature is getting his leftovers…

Buying a set of bunk beds turned out to be a very affordable option. We know we will need another twin bed in a few years, and these ones can be used individually or stacked. So the plan? Use the top bunk now, with all the safety rails on to make sure out little munchkin stays in the bed, and store the second twin, in pieces in the box, in the basement until we need it! Brilliant? I think so.

So how else are we making his room as frugal as possible? Reusing a dresser and a nightstand, buying cute decorations on clearance from Superstore, drawing my own art work for the walls, sewing curtains from fabric I already have, and not paying a fortune for Disney character bedding that he will out grow in a year or two! It is so easy to go to the store and buy up the entire bedding set (sheets, pillows, lamps, everything!) and spend a fortune on it too, only to find out that your child no longer likes Diego/Dora/Transformers/Disney Princesses in a few months. We are going with a generic transportation theme; trains, planes and automobiles! Hopefully he will enjoy it for at least a few years.

Now to just get the room finished, or at least put together enough for the little man to sleep there! He is itching to go night nights in his new bed, and we certainly don’t want to discourage it!

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