It wasn’t frugal, and I didn’t have the energy to care…

Yesterday I learned a tough lesson; I am not in the position to always make the most cost-effective/frugal choice right now.

My mom and I hit up Zellers yesterday, I had a short list of things I needed, and didn’t feel like dealing with the crowds at Walmart. Zellers is a little closer to my house, and it is never very busy (unless a bus load of seniors gets dropped off). So off we went, me with my big pregnant slow moving belly, and my mom carrying the toddler. Here is what my shopping list looked like:

– under eye concealer (because sleepless nights and chasing a toddler while pregnant have given me major dark circles for the first time in my life)

– band aids (in case the hubby cuts himself again when finishing the fence)

– garbage can (for use as a second diaper pail)

– razor blades (hopeful to find something decent on sale, before I can no longer reach to shave my legs!)

They had everything I needed, the only problem was that I knew the under eye concealer was $3 cheaper at Walmart. Zellers is usually pretty comparable on prices, they have to be to stay in business, and it`s usually only a few cents difference between the stores. But $3?! That is significant. I went to put it back and my mom stopped me. Was I really going to go to Walmart? Not today, and I really needed more concealer. Would I be willing to go to Walmart tomorrow, even if I went first thing in the morning it is still busy, and I would only be going for one item. I sighed, and put the product back in my cart. At nearly 8 months pregnant, even more exhausted from a teething toddler being up at night, who was I kidding! Spending the extra $3 was more than worth my time and lack of energy.

I hated doing it, but sometimes you have to take the easy way out!

PS~ the concealer I bought, the new Garnier  2-in-1 Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller, is magical. I still had to use a little regular concealer over it this morning, but I’m running on about 4 hours of sleep.

  1. I feel you! As a mom who works full-time with twins, sometimes it's a necessity to just buy stuff. Your time is valuable too!!!

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