Yet another Monday

Yet another Monday

Last week did not go as planned. Meals were thrown off, to-do lists did not get completed, and blog posts did not get published. The reason? I felt like garbage most of the time and had contractions off an on from Thursday till, well, right now! This does not mean I am in labour, it’s just my body reminding me to get my butt in gear and finally get things 100% ready, so that I can sit around and wait for this baby to arrive.

Here is what still needs to be done:

-make freezer meals

-buy freezer to put meals in

-pack hospital bag

-wash up the last few baby items

-learn how to put a baby in the Ergo infant carrier (didn’t have it when my son was a newborn)

-practice Hypno Birthing more!

-survive each day that I am still pregnant and chasing after a toddler while trying to keep a clean house and food on the table

Here is a list that makes me feel much better; what DID get done last week:

-checked out freezers at Lowes

-washed and put away all neutral coloured new born size clothing

-100% finished our sons big boy room (hubby had to re-hang some hooks that the little rascal managed to remove from the wall while battling a nap)

-put the cradle together and raise the crib to the newborn height (thanks to the hubby)

-vacuum every inch of the nursery, including moving furniture and using all the fancy attachments (again, thanks to the hubby)

-finally finish organizing the basement, and finding spots for all the stuff that came out of the “spare room” that is now the big boy room (again thanks to the  hubby for doing this, and watching our son while doing it, while I relaxed to Hypno Birthing tracks and dealt with contractions!)

-survived another week of being pregnant and taking care of a toddler while keeping a reasonably clean house and food on the table

So here I sit, balancing on my exercise ball like a good pregnant lady, while the hubby vacuums yet another room, and the toddler is on the floor next to me colouring, I hope I can feel inspired enough to finish up some more posts. You know, so I’m not just writing once a week about what food we eat…I will take pictures this week of the big boy room and share all our frugal finds, plus that freezer meal post will get done once I actually do the cooking! I swore to myself that would be done before September…

Here is our meal plan for the week:

Monday – roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli (because I am over summer and want some yummy fall comfort food)

Tuesday – beef tacos

Wednesday – cheese and bacon perogies with salad

Thursday – shrimp fettuccine alfredo

Friday – oven baked fish and chips

Saturday – again, its up to the hubby!

Sunday – dinner at my parents

Happy menu planning everyone!

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