Trains Planes and Automobiles

My son, he is a very typical little boy. He laughs when people say “ouch”, he runs wild and climbs on furniture, and there are few things he loves more than his “choo choo’s” “wow, big cars” and “planes in the sky” as he calls them. We knew we would be picking some sort of transportation theme for his new room 1) because he loves anything with wheels and 2) it is a fairly timeless theme. When decorating a room for a kid, if you don’t want to re-do it in a year or two, pick something classic and timeless. Even better yet, don’t pick a theme and just pick some colours that they won’t out grow too quickly. Since the nursery is yellow with an animal/Noah’s Ark theme, we knew we wanted something specific to a little boy this time; blue walls with cars and trucks? PERFECT!

Here are some pictures of the new room, and how we made it as frugal as possible:

The dresser was a hand me down from my Grandmother, we had been storing it in our basement for sometime now, knowing that it would one day be used in our sons’ new room. The Thomas the Tank Engine laundry hamper was a steal at only $10 at Toys R Us! And the hooks on the wall, I wish I could say they were handmade and bought on some cute little Etsy shop, but I got them on clearance at the Super Store for $2.40 each!

Could these be any cuter? And more perfect for his room?! The sale price was unreal, but even the regular price of $5 each was totally reasonable. They are solid wood, and pretty well made.

The diapering corner of the room! This is a temporary exhibit, as he will eventually be potty trained. Right now the shelf is home to all our cloth diapers/wipes/liners and covers. Once the little guy is out of diapers, this shelf will be used for toys and books (and once he can be trusted to nap/sleep and not play with toys in his room, he will also have his toy box at the foot of his bed). The diaper pail is just your basic garbage can from Zellers, so that can be reused somewhere else in the house. The shelf itself is the Expedit from Ikea, and at $49.99 it wasn’t the most frugal buy, but it is really sturdy (won’t tip if he tries to climb it) and is really deep (makes for the perfect changing table!) We added a change pad, and secured it with the strap that is meant to secure your child :). The drapes are made from some blue cotton broadcloth that I had in my stash, and were sewn by my mother (my belly is too large to allow me to get close enough to my sewing machine). The crafty lady also used an extra pillow case from the bedding set to make the tie backs! So smart, and now it all co-ordinates!

Probably the most genius part of his room; his bed! Using the top bunk from a set of bunk beds is just brilliant! There is just enough room for him to climb up and down, yet he doesn’t fall out! The bedside table was an old one that we had in our tiny master bedroom when we lived in Toronto, and we had purchased it with wedding money 3 years ago. The bedding, was a great find by my mom at Zellers, and was $50 for the comforter and two pillow shams (I had bought a set with just trains on it from HomeSense, but the colours ran when I washed it, it was a nightmare!) I drew the pictures on the wall, I know, I’m just so talented, and they are in $2 Ikea frames. Much cheaper than buying any art.

Eventually he will need a lamp on his bedside table, and maybe some shelves on the wall too, but for now, it’s perfect, and didn’t cost a lot of money!

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