You either get it, or you don’t…

It’s one of those things, kinda like Facebook and Twitter in the beginning; you didn’t really get it, but signed up anyways, and now it’s part of your everyday and you can’t imagine life before it. I don’t know if it will ever be as big as those two are, but I’m hooked and totally in love. For someone who loves to brainstorm ideas, keep files filled with ideas, and has a pile of old magazines with creative ideas that will never get made, it’s the bees knees!

I’m talking Pinterest people. You either get, or you don’t. It’s great for organizing my thoughts and ideas, keeping them all in one place and easily accessible! Instead of having some stuff in magazines, some stuff saved in my favourites, and other stuff jotted down in a notepad file on my desktop. This is visual. You get the picture, a little caption, and it saves the link to the sight! BRILLIANT!

To say I am obsessed, not quite, I only have a few boards, and they look bare compared to most people’s. But I’m about to unleash the craziness that is the Fall board and the Christmas board! It’s about to get really crazy with ideas for food, decorations, outdoor activities. I fear for the amount of time I will spend on this here laptop…

If you haven’t checked it out, I really recommend it. You can follow my boards (click on the link on the left side) to see what I’m up to (right now, planning my son’s second birthday!) or just browse what others are pinning. Such a great new time suck!

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