Meal Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – waiting on baby edition

Last week I didn’t post our menu plan, I didn’t post anything at all. I was busy breathing through contractions, and wiping away tears when they would stop and not come back. It was a rough week, full of “its time!” teases from my uterus, which turned out to just be practicing for the real thing. So my trip to the grocery store last week was a quick one, full of prepackaged food and plans of eating out. The meal plan was pathetic, so I didn’t really think there was much point in sharing it with everyone.

This week, still no baby (though I’m not over due yet, so I really shouldn’t complain too much), it’s a mix of good hearty fall dinners, and some quick ones (just in case this baby shows up), so it really isn’t a set in stone meal for each night this week, as much as it is a list of meals that will most likely be prepared in some sort of order….make sense? My need to stay organized and in control is being fought off by the unpredictable nature of having a baby; talk about stressful when I’m supposed to stay relaxed!

Here is what we will be eating this week:

Cheesy beef pasta with salad (with the last batch of tomatoes from my neighbours garden)

Baked pork chops with mashed potatoes and salad

Stuffed shells and Caesar salad

Roasted pork loin with cheesy broccoli casserole

Salmon with rice and mixed veggies

Happy meal planning everyone!

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