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And so begins being a mom of two…time to get really frugal

My little man is two now.

I have a nearly 3 week old little girl.

And this morning my husband is back at work for the first time since our precious bundle arrived.

I am officially a mom of two. A mom of two that needs to get out to the store to pick up some essentials, and is trying to figure out when  the best time to go is; before toddler nap? after toddler nap the stores are much busier. when will baby girl eat next? I don’t think I’m confident enough in my breastfeeding to attempt it in public yet, while dragging a toddler around with me, no less. Now. Now would be a perfect time, except I haven’t had breakfast yet, and am only half way through my coffee…I guess this is my life now. We will get into a rhythm, and it will get easier. So far this morning, I’ve handled both kids very well. Keep in mind it is still early; we’ve only been up a little more than an hour. But I so rocked that first hour!

Today is also back to reality for our family budget. Things have been off the past few weeks. My husband helped with grocery shopping, which means we spent a little more than normal. We had several nights where we were too tired and it was too late before we realized we didn’t have dinner cooking; take out! We have been buying lots of pink and purple things, and trust me, I have restrained myself! We also hosted two parties (baby girls’ Baptism, and little man’s birthday party), but those shouldn’t count since we spent less than $200 on the food/booze/decorations for BOTH events. The biggest expense right now seems to be diapers. YUCK! I hate buying disposable diapers, but baby girl is still too tiny to fit into her cloth diapers, so disposables it is for the next few weeks. Thankfully her umbilical cord stumpy part fell off early, so we can stop buying the expensive Huggies with the belly button cutout, and start buying the PC Green ones from the Super Store.

I guess things are going pretty well, since I have managed to find a few minutes to type out a blog post, which I haven’t done in ages!

Happy Monday everyone!

  1. If shipping isn't an arm and a leg, you're welcome to borrow my small pockets or my newborn aios. Let me know! Jack was so big he only wore the NBs for a few days and the smalls for about a month. I also have NB covers and flats if you want to borrow them.
  2. You can do it, Maureen! BTW - who knew they made diapers w/ belly button cutouts?! Not me, clearly.
    • Thanks for the vote of confidence! Some day you will need to know about belly button cutouts, right?! FYI - I think it's only Huggies brand that has them!

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