Meal Plan….Tuesday

Meal Plan….Tuesday

It seems increasingly more difficult to post our meal plan on Monday each week. Monday is super busy around here, trying to catch up on things from a busy weekend, and actually getting out and buying the weeks’ groceries, with two kids in tow no less. So I thought I would save myself the headache to rushing through things yesterday, and just post on Tuesday, no big deal right, so here is what we are eating this week:

Monday: spaghetti (it’s a sure thing for our two yea old, and with the amount of candy he was going to be having, since it was Halloween, I knew a good meal in his tummy was needed)

Tuesday: ham steaks with garlic mashed potatoes and peas

Wednesday: eating out

Thursday: sausage and pasta bake

Friday: fish with rice and veggies

The local apples are really great right now, so I bought another big bag of them this week. They will eventually be turned into an apple pie and an apple crisp, once the blueberry pie I just took out of the oven is gone 🙂

Happy menu planning!

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