Same start as yesterday

I wake to hear the quiet calls for “Mommy” coming from my his room. I check the clock; it’s 6:43am. Baby girl is sleeping peacefully in her cradle next to my bed after being up to eat at 5am and then spitting up on everything, twice. I turn on the light, and find my glasses, forcing myself out of my nice warm bed. A cute blonde boy quietly waits for me to open his door. I get my morning hugs and kisses, a quick diaper change for him and we are ready to start our day. “Where’s Daddy? Where’s baby?” are always the first things he asks. “Daddy already left for work, and your sister is sleeping.” He runs into the master bedroom to investigate. I carefully pick up the sleeping baby and we head down stairs for breakfast. He insists on picking out his own yogurt, and carrying it and his spoon to his high chair. Once he is settled and eating, I can quickly make coffee and attempt consuming a bowl of cereal before one of two kids demands my attention again.

Yogurt finished, it’s time for juice and goldfish while watching some cartoons. I throw a load in the washing machine from the never-ending pile of laundry that two children produce. Baby girl wakes for her breakfast, which means back up stairs for the third time already today, for another diaper change. Fed, and burped, and of course spit up. Back upstairs again. Clean sleeper and blanket for her, clean sweatshirt for me. Settled into the playpen for a nap, and the little guy is loudly playing with trucks and trains and Batman and Star Wars…I realize he has emptied every toy from the toy box in a matter of minutes. It’s 8:10am. Time to start planning the day; will we be able to get out to do some shopping? should we attempt the park or is it too cold this morning? should we just stay home so I can maybe get a bathroom cleaned or the carpets vacuumed?

My thoughts are interrupted by the sudden frustrated yell of a two-year old, angry at his train for not staying together, and a now awake and fussing little girl. I take a sip of my cold coffee. Just a regular morning around these parts, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

  1. Great post! I can actually relate to this but I'd have to change a few things like "Andy barks because he's hungry for his kibble." Kind of the same? No? No. I commend you for doing all that before 830am!

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