I think she’s going to be a diva

My daughter is a completely different baby than my son was. He didn’t like to be cuddled, would let out a bit of a cry to let us know he was hungry, and was very content to sit in his chair/swing/lay on the floor by himself most of the time. To this day, he is very independent, and plays very well on his own. My daughter, though a very content baby most of the time, I have a sneaking suspicion that she is going to be quite the handful in a couple of years…

The first thing that led me to believe she might be a little diva-ish; she only poops in clean diapers. My husband and I would joke about this weird coincidence, but now I am beginning to think it’s not just timing. Nothing is more frustrating than changing a diaper, getting all the way back downstairs, settling her in the playpen or swing, to turn your back and hear her fill it again. Though, it’s not very diva like to pass gas or #2s that loudly is it? Some days she is on a great schedule, poops follow feeds (breast milk is a laxative after all) but most days she poops whenever, and it seems to follow the pattern of being in a fresh diaper! Thank goodness we are using cloth some of the time now, sure its lots of laundry, but better than filling a land fill and emptying our bank account for disposables!

She spits up all the time. Not enough to be worried, just enough to cause a sleeper, undershirt, bib, and blanket change. Baby girl, if you  wanted a wardrobe change, just say so. I am more than happy to put you in several different cute outfits a day, but this vomiting is getting old!

When something is wrong, the entire neighbourhood knows it. She’s got a cry like you wouldn’t believe. It doesn’t come out often, I’m pretty good at knowing her hunger cues, diaper changes happen frequently (seems like I check every five minutes, when I’m up there changing her outfits), and she gets burped constantly because she is generally very gassy. But when she does have to wait an extra minute for a meal, or doesn’t get that full burp out, or just plain out wants to cuddle her daddy; she doesn’t hold back. She lets out a cry that makes you jump up and run to her to make sure she isn’t injured. And every time you reach her, she stops crying and looks at you like “what took you so long, you measly servant”.

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