Weekends count

Weekends count

You guys, I almost forgot to blog today. NoBloPoMo rules say that weekends count. I know many bloggers who don’t blog on the weekends because blogging is part of their “job” (must be nice to get paid). I don’t often blog on the weekend because that’s my time with my family, when we have lazy Saturday mornings filled with cartoons and pancakes, afternoon shopping trips, and movie nights cuddled on the couch. Sundays are a day of rest for us Catholics, other than attending Mass we take it very easy; no chores are done other than keeping the house tidy, and maybe a load of cloth diapers or puke covered baby clothes. So blogging takes a back burner to some much-needed relaxation with my little family. Not that blogging for me is a chore, it has just always been a week day thing.

I wonder how many others will forget to blog this weekend? Especially since the BlogHer site doesn’t do prompts on the weekends. Or maybe other are smarter than I am and schedule posts so that they aren’t stuck in front of the computer on the weekends…

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    1. You can always write tonight once the sun is no longer shinning! And write about how you enjoyed the gorgeous weather. I'm usually too tired at night to write, though tomorrows post might be written during the Leaf game!
  1. I write my posts ahead of time. Normally, I just do it one day in advance (which means I have to write something for tomorrow), but there is a period later this month that I'm pretty sure I won't be able to blog, so I've already written posts for those days (yeah, I'm kind of anal that day). I am thinking of doing something easy for Sundays--I read one blog where she just posts a video on Saturdays (she's Jewish) and I may do something like that for Sundays...but then I'd still have to write Monday's post. Ugh...this blogging thing can be such a commitment! Ha ha!
    1. I usually write first thing in the morning, while I have my coffee, once both kids are fed and content, and if that relaxing morning doesn't happen, than I will write during my sons afternoon nap (which I did today!) I think I will do Sundays' posts on Saturdays, if I'm not too tired at night once the kids are sleeping. Otherwise, I can always dig out some old drafts and polish them up for Sundays.

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