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Where I defend my frugality

We do buy new. We do pay full price. We do enjoy some “trendy” things, and definitely, many modern technologies. We don’t live in a completely green home full of second-hand everything, never showering for more than 2 minutes, using completely natural shampoos and soaps. I don’t want to be labeled as one particular thing. I feel that if I am labeled “green” or “crunchy” than a decision to buy something new and expensive and over the top has to be defended. Our lifestyle, much like our parenting style, doesn’t fall into one fixed category, we take what we like from all of them until we get what seems natural fit for us. It is more a common sense approach than anything else.

Everything we do isn’t frugal or cheap. Of course, if we are buying something new, we have been known to research it for months on end just to make sure we get the best possible price and buy the best brand. But there are other times where we say “screw it” and just pay full price for something a little extravagant. Everyone needs a treat now and then. But that’s the key word, treat. And some things it just makes sense to spend more money on, especially when it is a better quality item that you will just have to buy once. I recently placed an order for some Tupperware; that stuff sure isn’t cheap! But the quality is unbeatable. My mother and mother in law both have items they’ve had for well over 30 years; my son eats his dinner out of a mustard yellow Tupperware bowl that I used at my Grandmother’s as a child. Sure I could buy the plastic junk from the dollar store, but then I would have to throw it away and re-buy it every so often. It’s good quality stuff, so I don’t mind paying more, knowing it will last.

Does this make me cheap? Cheap sounds so negative, frugal sounds so much nicer!

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