I actually made something I Pinned!

Does this ever actually happen? I think most people treat those boards as dreams, things they would love to have, but probably will never have. Things they would love to have the time and talent to make, but never get around to it. So far I have made 3 things I have pinned! I strung balloons on string to hang for my son’s birthday, and I am in the process of crocheting an amigurumi stuffed little creature for my son for Christmas. The stringing of the balloons, though a brilliant idea, wasn’t that difficult, and the crocheting, well I’m sure it will never get finished. But, what I did today, was easy, cheap, and a very good idea. This was one of the first things I pinned, and I knew I would be able to make it easily as I had the exact picture frame, unused, in the basement:

Picture frame, with scrapbook paper or wrapping paper, turning it into a dry erase weekly schedule board; BRILLIANT! I had the exact same frame, and planned to pick up some scrapbook paper to match the kitchen decor, so this would only cost a few bucks to make. Well, I made it even cheaper; I found a gift bag in my basement that would match my kitchen perfectly!

picture frame, gift bag, ruler, scissors: super easy, super cheap!
It took me all of 10 minutes to finish the project! Cleaning the glass (with vinegar of course) took the longest!
Finished, filled out, and on the wall!

This project was free for me to do, the frame was a gift from several years ago, and the gift bag was given to us. I was able to cut out all eight pieces from the one gift bag, so even if i had bought it, it would have been $1! I also have a little dry erase marker from another board I had been using for my weekly menu; it is almost dried up, so I will have to invest in a new one of those. Great little project, I highly recommend it.

And if you aren’t on Pinterest yet, get on there! So many great ideas and inspiring things; it’s not just crafty stuff.  (You can follow me by clicking on the link on the left)

  1. Love it! Are you using it as a meal planner or a scheduler? They make dry erase crayons now. Maybe look into those since they wouldn't dry out.
    • I'm using it for everything: meals, cleaning, apts, and since it has 8 spots the last frame is an "extras" space for other things I need to remember. I'm going to look into the crayons! Great idea
  2. Loooooooooove this! Way to go, Maureen.
  3. Wow, that looks really good. I had been eyeing that on Pinterest as well! How do you like the way the frames are setup, does it make it difficult to actually write on?
    • It's pretty easy to write on, but if you found it difficult you could always use a different frame, they come in lots different styles, just make sure there are enough frames for the entire week ;)
  4. This is a great idea! I may add it to my ridiculously long to-do list! By the way, I started a board on Pinterest of pins I've done (I think there are, like, 3 things on there right now) with my comments on how it worked. I've found this works well for me and for people looking at my pins. I have a bazillion things pinned and it helps me to sort out the things I've done...
  5. WOW! I love love love this idea. I have the same frame too....guess I've got a project!
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