Creativity strikes, and I can’t do anything about it

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen some complaining today. I had promised my son we would go to the library after his nap. Of course, I left out the part where he has to eat lunch between said nap and the trip in the car. He woke from his nap, asked when we were going, and then lost it on me. The problem was, he was hungry which means he is an unreasonable terrible two-year old that you can’t possibly cheer up. Unless of course you do what he wants. The problem, I couldn’t possibly leave the house with him in such a state, and I was desperate to run some errands. All I wanted to do was quickly return some movies to the library and hit the fabric store. See, I realized the other day that my Ergo carrier is not the best choice for baby wearing in the winter. Well, it’s fine for the winter, but it isn’t very convenient for quickly moving in the cold from the car to the store. Taking my tiny daughter out of her warm car seat and putting her into the Ergo, not good when it’s freezing out (not to mention I have to take my coat off too!). I knew I needed a solution, since I wear her whenever I go grocery shopping, not to mention lots of other times during the week. The solution: a wrap style baby carrier! The best part about this solution, they are super cheap, and easy, to make (Google it, and there are tons of sites that tell you how to make one). So I thought, no problem, I can whip into the fabric store today, grab my fabric (they are having a great sale right now) and have my wrap for this weekend! I soon realized I was very wrong…It’s cold out today, so I kinda need to have the wrap to take my daughter into the fabric store to buy the fabric to make the wrap. Classic catch 22! But even worse than that, how on earth do you carry a bolt of fabric, while wearing your baby and pushing your toddler in a stroller? Sure I could ask for help, but even getting the stroller into the fabric store is a challenge (I have done it, but it’s very difficult). So, there I sat. Desperate to buy fabric to make this wrap. Needing to go return those movies so we didn’t get late charges. And all my son could do was cry over having to eat hard-boiled eggs (one of his favourite things, by the way) and wanting out of the house. Such a frustrating situation for everyone.

In the end, he ate one of two eggs, we made it to the library, and hopefully I will get to the fabric store tonight to buy my fabric. Though it will be super busy tonight with the sale on, and I’m sure I will have a very frustrating story to share about that trip.

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