missed a day…

I thought it would be my children that would keep me from blogging one day, thus disqualifying me from the NaBloPoMo every day rule. Nope, instead it was my own stupidity….I burned my self yesterday afternoon, making muffins. The burn was worse than I initially thought it was. I was planning to finish the muffins, and then blog. Instead I found myself standing with my hand under cool running water until a child cried, requiring me to stop. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to keep it cold very long, and the burn kept cooking 🙁 My mom eventually came over to bandage me up, since the only burn cream I had expired in 2006. The good thing about this injury; I now have a cleaned out first aid kit/medicine cabinet, and I can’t wash the dishes :). The bad part, it makes changing diapers a little awkward, and it distracted me from blogging…

Now the question is, do I keep blogging everyday just for the heck of it? I know now that I don’t have the motivation of NaBloPoMo I won’t be as eager to set aside time to write everyday. When i told my husband that I missed yesterday, he said “at least it wasn’t a day at the end of the month that you missed, you would have be really mad then”. Yes dear, that would have been worse.

  1. LOL! Gotta love the way men think.
  2. I'd say just pick up where you left off. The intent of NaBloPoMo is different for everyone, but for me it is to write at least 30 decent posts (and it is okay that I schedule some of mine). But, it all depends on what you originally hoped to get out of NaBloPoMo.
    • I hope I keep going. My real goal is to improve my writing. I'm just a little disappointed that I missed a day, I was really curious to see if I would be able to complete the entire month. But hey, maybe that will be the only day I miss!
  3. I'm sorry Maureen! Just pretend it didn't happen and keep going. I love your posts : )

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