When you want to, you make time

Some days I am not motivated, and it seems like even finding time to empty the dishwasher and make dinner is impossible. Other days? Other days the house is spotless, laundry is all done, and I even had time to be crafty. I have no idea why this happens, but those days that I get everything done, they are magical. With two kids, getting it all done isn’t impossible, the trick is you just have to do it. Yup, it’s that simple. Instead of sitting around thinking about it, or trying to plan time for it. Just get up, and do it. If a kid needs something part way through cleaning the kitchen, stop and deal with it, and then carry on. You are never going to find a moment where you will be able to start a task and complete it without being interrupted! This is a hard lesson for me to accept most days; I hate being interrupted from a task…

Anyways, yesterday was one of those magical days where I didn’t let interruptions bother me, and I was able to get lots done around the house. All the usual cleaning,  tidying and laundry was completed, plus I got crafty!

Years ago, when my Gran passed away, my mother gave me a box full of doilies that she had made. I said to myself that if I ever had a daughter I would use them somehow in her bedroom. Well, that was a long time ago, and I finally have a daughter, so out they came from the depths of my linen closet. Here is what I did:

$30 worth of picture frames from my local thrift store. I picked a variety of sizes based on the size of the doilies I was using.


Chose a beautiful Saturday afternoon and spray painted them white (took them apart, lightly sanded them, and coated them 3 or 4 times until they were nearly 100% coated. I didn’t want them to look perfect)

I let them completely dry over night, and than brought them in to be put back together. I used old gift bags to make the white backgrounds for the frames (I have a million gift bags for baby boys/girls, and there is no way I could ever reuse them all! This saved me money as I didn’t have to buy white card stock to fit the larger frames) . I cleaned up the glass with vinegar, and voila:

I could not be happier with how they turned out. They aren’t up on the wall yet as I can’t hammer into the wall next to my sons room while he naps. I should have time Saturday morning, when the hubby is playing Hotwheels with the little guy, and baby girl is sleeping peacefully.

It was such a simple and inexpensive project, and they are just so girlie. I can’t wait till they are on the walls in the otherwise neutral nursery. And hopefully my daughter will like them enough to keep in her room as she grows. I didn’t even use up all the doilies, so if I have more girls, I can make them their own. Or, I can always ask my mom to make some more, since she also knows how to crochet!

  1. Those are beautiful! What a great idea!
  2. So adorable! I am sharing this with my sista-in-law who is decorating a nursery.

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