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Tell Me About Yourself Award

YAY! A blog award!! This is a super fun little blog award/link up that is going around. Big thanks to Domesticated Momma for adding me to her list and passing the award on to me.

So the deal is, I have to tell you 7 things about myself, and then list off 15 of my favourite blogs, thus passing this task on to them. What a great way to find new blogs!

1. My favourite colour is purple, and I am finding it hard to not force this on my daughter, who is only 7 weeks old. Purple is waaaaay better than pink!

2. I am a middle child, one of three kids, and therefore do not want any middle children. Even numbers only; 4 or 6? That way we spread out the middle child syndrome.

3. I think I enjoy colouring in my sons colouring books more than him. I have even been tempted to buy my own, that way he won’t touch my perfectly coloured pictures.

4. I played baseball when I was younger, for only one season. We won our division and then the championship. So I quit while I was ahead.

5. I have a sweatshirt that I got when I was 13, it still fits, and I wear it whenever I’m sick.

6. I hate it when my husband reads the weekly flyers before me and they are all a mess when I get to them.

7. I will complain about having to fold laundry and put it away, but will not let my husband touch it, because he doesn’t fold or put it away the same as me. Yup, total OCD over how my towels are folded, and how little missy’s sleepers are hung in her closet!

Ok, so here are some of my favourite blogs that I hope will join in the “Tell Me About Yourself Awards” (Each blogger who receives this award is asked to write 7 things about them self and pass the ward on to 15 other bloggers.)

Adventures of Amberherself

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Dial M for Minky (moo)

Harper’s Happenings

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Mama Doula Musings

Many Little Blessings

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Mrs. January


O My Family

Oh, Sweet Joy!

Simply Frugal

Sleeping is for Losers

West Metro Mommy

Now, these are blogs I enjoy, and yes I realize some of them probably won’t participate because they are much bigger blogs than mine, or because they don’t do posts like this, but I wanted to include them anyways, so check them out 🙂

  1. Very cool and thanks for passing it on! I just posted my 7 things...
  2. Thanks Maureen! I'll be posting mine now. I am the exact same as you when it comes to laundry : )

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