Free Friday

If only this could be a regular thing. Free stuff every Friday? A girl can dream…

Yesterday was a big mail day around here. Large Old Navy order arrived (yay for online Christmas shopping), my InStyle magazine arrived (yay for magazine subscriptions as gifts from my hubby), and a very familiar shaped box from P&G.

If you haven’t signed up for the Brand Sampler yet, you really should (go here), though not as good as it once was, you still get free samples of great products. Now, I realize that the point of a free sample is to try out the product, and if you like it, buy the full size version. I do not treat these samples in that way. Thanks for the product, I’m gonna add it to my collection! I keep the shampoos and conditioners for guests, travel, or when I run out of my regular brand. Same goes for the sample of toothpaste, and dishwasher soap (yes, those silly little packets of dishwasher detergent do work better, but my giant bottles of Kirkland soap from Costco do a good enough job and are waaaaaaaay cheaper).

Speaking of Costco, the P&G Brand Sampler started up a second sampler pack for Costco members. You enter in your membership number, and you get to pick even more samples, from a better variety. This pack still gives out the Gillette razor (which is like an $8 value!) whereas the regular sampler doesn’t (at least I haven’t got one the last 2 or 3 times). Here is what arrived yesterday in my Costco member sampler:

Nothing says happy Friday like free stuff 🙂 enjoy your weekend everyone!

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